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Costa Rebel modernises Roots Reggae by combining it with elements of Dembow, Dancehall, Dub and EDM

For more than half a century, reggae has been evolving and giving birth to new musical genres, styles that today are dominating popular music globally. Rhythmic patterns, mixing techniques, and other elements such as toasting have endured ever since and gained popularity. Unfortunately, in this same evolution, the positive, uplifting, conscious and even spiritual sense characteristic of this music has been lost, elements that Costa Rebel seeks to bring back to the dance halls and clubs. For this, he has been developing a new modern style that combines elements of Reggae with Dembow, Dancehall, Dub and even EDM, presenting it in an instrumental music format with his new song "Rasta Dance".

In just the last year, Costa Rebel managed to release his music with 3 of the most important companies on the international reggae scene: Vpal Music from Jamaica/New York, PopArt Discos from Argentina and Evidence Music from Switzerland. Likewise, he has managed to collaborate with great exponents of the scene such as Freedom Sounds, Blackdali, Little Lion Sound, Million Stylez, Elijah Prophet, Derajah, Lengualerta and Pipo Ti among others.

An extensive promotional campaign on social networks, an international media tour and live streaming performances are planned for the release of “Rasta Dance”. The song will be sent to publishers of Spotify and Amazon Music; Special attention will be requested from the different platforms for this song through the distributor Tunecore. The track will also be sent to DJs, radio shows, blogs and the general public through an extensive email marketing campaign.

“Rasta Dance” will be available on all digital platforms starting next September 29:

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