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Download and Listen Pipo Ti & Costa Rebel "Con Toda" Produced by Positive Vibz

Pipo Ti & Costa Rebel propose to start this 2023 “Con Toda” (Wi

th Everything)!

SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA - "Con Toda" is a typical Costa Rican expression that represents the idea of ​​giving everything and that is exactly what this song talks about, working passionately on your dreams despite the difficulties, reaching your goals whatever they are, enjoy the journey and be wiser when it comes to offering our time to the fullest to others.

The idea arose in the Positive Studio itself in Madrid, creating the song from scratch. While the Tico producer Costa Rebel together with "Chiky" from Positive Vibz created the rhythm, Pipo Ti (who met Costa Rebel himself in Costa Rica at the beginning of his Latin American career) was singing and composing at the same time, wanting to talk about the personal improvement, since the conversation they had before getting down to work was about the various projects they had in mind after overcoming certain problems, and the idea was the same: overcome difficulties, learn from them and give everything with the new future projects to come. The idea is that not everyone has it easy when it comes to getting ahead, and for this reason the key word is “hope”.

It should be noted that Pipo Ti & Costa Rebel had great success with the song "Alta Suciedad", which reached more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. The song “Escucho Reggae Music”, also produced by Positive Vibz and in combination with Baino Di Lion, obtained 1.7 million views on the same platform. Pipo Ti collaborated with Mexican rapper C-Kan on the album "Días de Sol" which reached number 12 on Billboard's Latin Rhythm chart, the lead single "De Que Me Sirve" garnered more than 11 million streams. As of today, Pipo Ti has around 400,000 listeners on Spotify each month.

“Con Toda” will be played on Radio3 (Spanish National Radio) in the largest Reggae program in the country, Alma de León. An extensive campaign on social networks is expected, with different challenges, surveys and publications. The track will be sent to DJs and radio programmers around the world.

The track is now available on all digital platforms:

For more information, promotional requests or to schedule an interview, please contact Costa Rebel:






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