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Enoch Samuels & Costa Rebel denounce music that promotes violence and crime

Dancehall is one of the musical genres that has been criticised the most for its messages called "Slackness", however this is a generalisation that does not always apply and is clearly not the case with the song "No Quieren Paz" . Enoch Samuels, being one of the pioneers of Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop in Costa Rica in the 90s, knows very well the positive and uplifting roots of these genres, roots that little by little have been lost over the years. Costa Rebel comes from a background very focused on the Rastafari culture and Reggae, movements that promote peace, spirituality, love and denounce injustice.

The duo has released songs such as "Top Ranking", "Duttty Wine" and "Vida", which have sounded in several countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and Germany.

"No Quieren Paz" has been sent to the Spotify editors for their consideration, a promotional campaign is planned that includes social networks, email marketing, a tour in Mexico, interviews in different countries and the launch of the official video.

The track is now available on all digital platforms: Official Video on YouTube:

Link to All Platforms:

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